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Adventurous Müritzeum

A visit in our nature discovery centre is a great way for children to learn more about our local nature and its formation. They can discover everything in their own way as many exhibition components are extra explained for children.

Park and lake Herrensee

Children can discover the nature of our region in the park around the Herrensee, a lake which is the home of many different wild living water birds. The lake is surrounded by a diversified park with old trees and modern art. With a bit of luck our young visitors can observe wild living water birds here. On the nature studies path around the lake children will get in contact with local woods and bushes, see big and small stones and explore a beehive. They have also the chance to feed the ducks which is entertainment for the whole family.

Photo: Müritzeum
Photo: Mirko Runge/Müritzeum

Müritzeum Playground

Cast off, engine on, captain on the rudder! Here the young visitors can play being a fisher themselves. The adventure playground is a fantastic place for children to be once in their life a captain themselves.
A baby change can be found in the ground level next to the toilets and the lift can be used to get with a pram on the different levels.

Who has left their tracks on the forest floor and which animals are out and about at night? Go in search of clues in the forest!


View the specimens of native bird species up close and take time to listen to the many singing talents of our region.

Ein Blick in den Moorbereich der Ausstellung


Geheimnisvoll und sagenumwoben – Erfahren Sie mehr über die Entstehung dieses einzigartigen Lebensraumes in unserer Ausstellung 

Die Sammlungsfotografen/Müritzeum


Durchqueren Sie den Gletscher der letzten Eiszeit und entdecken Sie Exponate aus vergangen Zeiten, denn nur wer die Vergangenheit kennt, kann die Gegenwart verstehen.

Die Sammlungsfotografen/Müritzeum


Wer hat auf dem Waldboden seine Spuren hinterlassen und welche Tiere sind bei Nacht unterwegs? Werden Sie selbst aktiv und begeben sich auf Spurensuche im Wald.

Visitor Information

Foto: Mirko Runge/Müritzeum


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Nahaufnahme von dem Auge eines Uhus.


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Guided Tours

Of course we can arrange guided tours for you after registration. Please contact one of our staff members at the information/ cash point for further information.



Whether day trip, guided tour or a combination of offers – just book your ticket online and take direct access to the museum without having to queue at the cash desk.

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