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Zur Steinmole 1
17192 Waren (Müritz), Germany

Phone: (03991) 63368-0
Fax: (03991) 63368-10

E-Mail: info(at)mueritzeum.de
Web: www.mueritzeum.de


managing director
Dr. rer. nat. Mathias Küster
Phone: (03991) 633 68 -0
E-Mail: info(at)mueritzeum.de

authorized signatory & controlling
Antje Blum
Phone: (03991) 633 68 -11
E-Mail: a.blum(at)mueritzeum.de

Tours, Environmental Education, Museum Education, school classes

Tamara Kalmbach (Diplom qualification in biology)
Phone: (03991) 633 68 -21
E-Mail: umweltbildung(at)mueritzeum.de

Marketing & Public Relations

Karin Franz, Claudia Siatkowski
Phone: (03991) 633 68-19 or (03991) 633 68-23
E-Mail: marketing(at)mueritzeum.de

Technical Department

Andreas Krüger
Phone: (03991) 633 68-12
E-Mail: a.krueger(at)mueritzeum.de


Marco Kastner
Phone: (03991) 633 68-16
E-Mail: m.kastner(at)mueritzeum.de

Exhibition & State Natural History Collections

in charge of the department
Dr. rer. nat. Mathias Küster

Zoological and Botanical Collection
scientific assistant
Birte Schadlowski
Phone: (03991) 633 68-15
E-Mail: b.schadlowski(at)mueritzeum.de 

Geological Collection
scientific assistant
Bastian Bruckhoff
Phone: (03991) 633 68-26
E-Mail: b.bruckhoff(at)mueritzeum.de

Giulia Bianconi
Phone: (03991) 633 68-14
E-Mail: g.bianconi(at)mueritzeum.de

Marit Haferkorn
Phone: (03991) 633 68-18
E-Mail: bibliothek@mueritzeum.de


We are constantly working to improve our quality standards, and we’re proud of the awards that we have received from various institutions
for our work.

Funding Providers & Partners

Together with our funding providers and partners, we create offerings that whisk our visitors away from their everyday lives to the unique region of 1,000 lakes.

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Dogs are allowed

Can I bring my dog to the Müritzeum? Yes, of course! You can explore our interactive exhibitions and aquariums with your furry friend.

Guided Tours

Would you like to find out more about the nature of the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau?
Plan your personal guided tour now.

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