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Tours, short tours or introductions – we’ve got the right programme for you, and we’ll explore the Müritzeum together. Join us on an exciting journey into the world of the natural wonders, large and small, that can be found right on our doorstep!


On our tour (approx. 90 minutes), you’ll explore the numerous sections of the exhibition in the Müritzeum with us. We’ll take a virtual hot-air balloon trip over the Müritz, go on a tour of discovery in Serrahn Beech Forest, stand in amazement before the gigantic Ivenack Oaks and immerse ourselves in the world of Mecklenburg’s native freshwater fish.


• Duration: 90 minutes
• Prices: €50,00/group plus admission 
• Number of participants: maximum 25 people per tour


A maximum of 3 tours can take place at the same time.


The introduction takes place at a selected location in the Müritzeum or in the Museum Garden in good weather. In 15–20 minutes, we’ll give you an overview that will help you get your bearings in the different exhibition sections in the Müritzeum, which you can then explore independently.


• Duration: 15 to 20 minutes
Prices: €20,00/group plus admission
• Number of participants: maximum 25 people per introduction


A maximum of 3 introductions can take place at the same time.

Short tour

On a 45-minute short tour, we’ll present selected highlights from the Müritzeum’s exhibition sections to you. You can then explore the Müritzeum’s exhibitions independently.


• Duration: 45 minutes
Prices: €35,00/group plus admission
• Number of participants: maximum 25 people per short tour


A maximum of 3 short tours can take place at the same time.

Accessible tour

We offer interactive tours for visitors with learning or physical disabilities. Following a discussion before your visit, we tailor our offerings individually to your needs. The Müritzeum’s accessibility means that, apart from a few exceptions, all the sections of the exhibition can be explored in a wheelchair or with a walker or pram, either independently or on a tour. We also offer tours for visually impaired visitors. You’re welcome to contact us directly about accessible tours, or you can use the contact form below.


Due to the museum’s limited spatial capacity, the number of wheelchairs and walkers is limited depending on the number of participants. There is the option to run several tours at the same time.

Do you already have a preferred date, or do you have any further questions about our offerings for groups? Then you’re welcome to get in touch with us using the contact form below. We’ll reply to you as quickly as possible.


Perhaps you’d like to combine your visit to the Müritzeum with a boat trip? Then we’ve got some great group offerings for you. Here you can find out about the different packages that we’ve put together for you with our partners.

Has a package caught your eye and you’d like to book it? Fantastic! We’re delighted that we have the right offering for you in our selection. If you have any questions or to make a booking, please get in touch with the contacts named below.

Müritz & the Lakes packages by the Blau-Weisse-Flotte (adults)

Discover the town on the Müritz on an exciting day trip. The price includes a visit to the Müritzeum and a three-lake boat trip from the Müritz to Lake Kölpinsee on the Elde Canal. Lunch will be served on board during the trip. After the boat trip, you’ll learn lots of interesting facts about Waren’s historical Old Town on a town tour.

Group package : €30,00 /person
(includes admission and a meal; minimum 20 people)

Your contact for bookings:

Strandstraße 3 | 17192 Waren (Müritz), Germany
Phone: 03991 - 66 30 34

Müritz & the Lakes packages by the Blau-Weisse-Flotte (children)

Group offering for children - A knowledge tour on the Müritz

Do you want to explore nature and history? Then Cap’n Paff’s knowledge tour is just the thing for you. Cap’n Paff will tell you lots of interesting facts about nature, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and its people on a trip on the Müritz. Then you’ll immerse yourself in the world of the region’s native animals and plants in the Müritzeum and answer the exciting knowledge quiz with the aid of the exhibition. 

Group package: €15,00/person (includes admission;  minimum 20 people)

The package is available for children up to the age of 15. One adult supervisor is granted free admission for every 10th school pupil.

Your contact for bookings:

Strandstraße 3 | 17192 Waren (Müritz), Germany
Phone: 03991 - 66 30 34

Weisse Flotte

Lakes to delight the eyes – this is what you’ll experience on this package, in which a visit to the Müritzeum is followed by a boat trip on the lake known as the “little sea”. You’ll immerse yourself in the native fauna and flora of the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau on a tour of the Müritzeum, which will train your eyes and ears. Then you’ll enjoy nature on the four-lake and canal trip to Lake Fleesensee, with lunch served on board.

Price per person: €37,00 (minimum 20 people)

Your contact for bookings:
Weisse Flotte Müritz
Strandstraße/Steinmole, 17192 Waren (Müritz), Germnay
Phone: 03991/122 668
Fax: 03991/122 661

Mecklenburger Glaswerkstätten (Glassworks)

Following a town tour led by a town guide in a tour bus, you’ll visit the Mecklenburg glassworks and watch the glass-blowers at work. After lunch in the Venezia café , you can enjoy the wonderful nature of the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau from the water on a boat trip across the Müritz on board the salon steamer Europa. Afterwards, you’ll immerse yourself in the native plant and animal kingdom of the Müritz region in the Müritzeum and meet its underwater inhabitants. Following an introduction (approx. 15 minutes), you can explore the different sections of the exhibition independently.

The experience-packed day is rounded off gastronomically with a fish-tasting session, where you’ll get to sample native fish species at the Fischerhof Eldenburg, run by the Müritz fishers.

  • Group price: upon request
  • valid: 1st of April to 30th of October
  • Number of participants: minimum 12 people

Your contact for bookings:

Mecklenburgische Glaswerkstatt
Strandstraße 3
17192 Waren/Müritz, Germnay

Phone: 03991/182687 or 036428/61814
Fax: 036428/61814

Fill in your preferred date and time.
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