Aquarium Landscape

Immerse yourself in fascinating underwater worlds

Immerse yourself in fascinating underwater worlds

Hidden under the water’s surface, fish and other water creatures live in streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and pools. It is rare to be able to observe the behaviour of these animals in their natural habitat.

But here you get to see right inside a silvery, shimmering school of fish – without diving goggles and a snorkel! Our Aquarium Landscape extends across an entire floor. In 25 aquariums of different sizes, designed to be close to natural conditions, we reveal the diversity of the waters and present originally native wild fish species, introduced cultivated fish species and other new inhabitants of our waters. Almost 50 species of fish as well as crabs, pond terrapins, mussels, snails and water plants are on display here.

We recommend allowing sufficient time for your visit because not all the animals can be seen at first glance. Some prefer to tuck themselves away in hiding places, which they leave only now and then, or they are almost impossible to make out thanks to their good camouflage. Others are active only in particular seasons or bury themselves. Immerse yourself in the Müritzeum’s exciting underwater world and be amazed by Germany’s biggest aquarium landscape for native freshwater fish!

Bodies of standing water

Bodies of standing water provide a habitat not just for numerous species of fish. Crabs, mussels, snails and the threatened pond terrapin can also be found in them – and you can discover them in the Müritzeum.

River Landscape

Embark on a journey from the source of a river to its mouth and marvel at the inhabitants of flowing waters as you travel through the turbulent currents.

Deep Pool

Experience the gleaming, silvery whitefish in the eternally gloomy deep zone. Observe the fascinating structure of a school of fish and learn all about these exciting creatures.

Water Theatre

Curtain up for our Water Theatre with its scaly lead actors in the outdoor aquariums and its feathered supporting cast on the natural stage of Lake Herrensee.

Animal holdings in the aquarium

Which native freshwater fish can be observed in the Müritzeum’s aquariums? Take a peek beneath the water’s surface and discover the eel, pike, wels catfish and other inhabitants of the watery realms. 

Tierbestand im Aquarium

Welche heimischen Süßwasserarten kann man in den Aquarien des Müritzeums beobachten? Werfen Sie einen Blick unter die Wasseroberfläche und entdecken Sie Aal, Hecht, Wels & Co. Im Tierartenlexikon erfahren Sie weitere spannende Fakten über diese Wasserbewohner der Müritzregion. 

Fahren Sie mit dem Mauszeiger über das Bild und erfahren Sie, welche Fische in den Seen der Müritzregion zu finden sind.

European whitefish

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pike perch

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danube crayfish

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The intelligence of crowds

Here’s a little taster of your visit to the Müritzeum: let our impressive Deep Pool cast its spell over you as you observe the schooling behaviour of whitefish at close hand. 

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