Museum Garden

Around lake herrensee

Around lake herrensee

Diversity in the Museum Garden

A visit to the Müritzeum has got to include a visit to the outdoor area. Anyone who wants a breath of fresh air and a chance to stretch their legs after seeing so many things can take a walk and discover the nature around Lake Herrensee. There’s plenty here for our little visitors, too: their next adventure is already waiting for them on the big playground.

Bachstelze sitzt auf einem Ast am Herrensee
© Birte Schadlowski/Müritzeum
Blick auf den Herrensee und die kleine Insel in der Mitte des Sees
© Peter Prast
Kinder ruhen sich aus und sitzen auf einer Bank mit Blick Richtung Herrensee und das Haus der 1.000 Seen.
© Müritzeum

Botanical rarities in the Museum Garden
Another highlight on a walk around Lake Herrensee is an impressive giant tree that towers 26 metres into the sky – that’s over 80 feet! For around 150 years, the horse chestnut has provided shade for people and animals with its densely branched, domed crown. It would take more than two people to stretch their arms around its trunk – its circumference measures 3.9 metres, or almost 13 feet. The old horse chestnut is part of the collection of old trees in front of the historical museum building where the State Natural History Collections of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are housed.

Imposante Krone der Kastanie vor dem Haus der Sammlungen.
© Peter Prast

Time Out around lake herrensee

Embark on a tour of observation around Lake Herrensee or simply enjoy the wonderful view of the House of 1,000 Lakes. Treat yourself to some time out in the green outdoors, linger a little in the Museum Garden and perhaps you’ve brought a little something with you for a relaxed picnic. 

Witnesses of History

Numerous exhibits from prehistory and ancient history are located in the Museum Garden. Each one of them has its own unique story that provides a little insight into the past. What’s the story behind the pot querns, grooved stones, millstones, boundary stones and potato stones? You’ll find out on a tour of discovery through the Museum Garden.

All (the children) aboard and cast off!

On the circular walk around Lake Herrensee, in addition to two small playgrounds, the big adventure playground awaits explorers large and small. Whether they’re playing pirates or being fisherfolk, the imagination knows no limits here. The wooden ship is waiting for our smallest visitors to climb up and take their places.  So, crew aboard, captain at the helm, cast off and the journey to a new adventure can begin! From the benches around our adventure playground, you can keep your eye on your children at all times – whether the pirate ship is setting out across the high seas or the little ones are showing off their climbing skills.

Eine Gruppe Kinder entert das Piratenschiff auf dem Abenteuerspielplatz.
© Mirko Runge/Müritzeum
Ein Junge hängt kopfüber in der Reuse auf dem Abenteuerspielplatz.
© Mirko Runge/Müritzeum
Ein Mädchen hält Ausschau auf dem Piratenschiff des Abenteuerspielplatzes.
© Mirko Runge/Müritzeum
Mütter spielen mit ihren Kindern auf dem Abenteuerspielplatz des Müritzeums.
© Mirko Runge/Müritzeum

Roof terrace

Water, sparkling water, as far as the eye can see. The view of the beautiful Müritz and Lake Herrensee from the roof terrace is at once calming and bracing. Enjoy the magnificent vista from a bird’s-eye view while you take a short break or enjoy a little picnic.

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