Nature Discovery Center Müritzeum - Fascinating foray - never tire at looking at it

nature discovery centreThe MÜRITZEUM is a modern multimedia-based nature discovery centre. It presents the region around the Mueritz - fascinating, entertaining and informative, simple and understandable - for young and old likewise perfectly suitable. Here you can have fun, relax, experiment, learn, dream, experience homeland as well as being amazed about past, present and future whatever the weather is like.

In our “House of 1000 lakes” everything centres to the biggest lake Germany’s. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to your majesty the Müritz as well as to the 999 sparkly members of her royal household. We look discreet under the water line and look into the empire of the fishes. We explore the Müritz National Park from a bird’s eye view, come across a 1000 years old tree giant, take the ice age under slow motion and snatch the one or the other secret away from the moor.

Blue-green heart

An impressive aquarium area is the centre of our exhibition. Already 350 whitefishes adore the Mecklenburg Lakes. A modern multi vision and the historical nature exhibition present belles and marvels of the nature. Everywhere there is something to rout out and to give it a try. Adventure gardens, special exhibitions as well as several arrangements complement the fascinating centre of this region.


carpIn 26 basins 50 local fish species fascinate next to crustaceans, terrapin and other water animals. A 20 years old mirror carp is the oldest inhabitant which has a weight of over 20 kg. Highlights are the 100.000 litre basin, the simulation of a fluvial topography and the water theatre which is partly outside with a wonderful view over the lake Herrensee.

Time travel

A Foray of the history starts in the ice age, which formed the landscape. Followed by the Stone Age and the era of the Slaves” we reach the Middle Age until we are back in our time.


Huge oak trees, gnarled pines, elegant alders – we go into the forest and look up to the tree tops and down to the roots. We go on a midnight walk and learn exciting stories about the animals of the forest as well as about wood and its various uses.

Bird life

In a balloon we sight Lake District from a bird’s eye view. In the concert hall the "garden sextet" and other feathered choirs give a concert. We are idolise by many local birds in the bird room.


The lake Herrensee is surrounded by a diversified park with old trees and modern art. With a bit of luck you can observe wild living water birds here. On the nature studies path around the lake you will get in contact with local woods and bushes, see big and small stones and explore a beehive.


Cast off, engine on, captain on the rudder! Here the young visitors can play being a fisher themselves.

Display window of the region

The Müritzeum is also a Welcome Centre for the Mecklenburg Lakes. Here visitors can find a lot of interesting information about the heart of Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian as well as always up-to-date offers for leisure time and holiday stays. This is important for the first outline and unforgettable holidays.