Natural History Exhibition

Natural History Exhibition

Experience the beautiful nature of the Müritz region up close

Which animals can you hear on a walk through the forest, and how was our region formed? Get to know the diversity of the region’s indigenous nature in the different exhibition sections in the Müritzeum and experience the unique habitats right on our doorstep in an interactive exhibition. Wander through the living forest, the eerie swamps and the colourful bird world – here you will discover the diversity and special features of the flora and fauna of our region. And join us as we invite you to embark on an exciting journey through time that will take you through the history of Mecklenburg.

Who has left tracks behind them on the forest floor, and which animals are out and about at night? This is your chance to get active and set off in search of tracks in the forest.

Examine the preserved specimens of native bird species up close, listen to the many talented singers and step into a bird’s-eye view in the Hot-Air Balloon Room.

Countless myths and legends surround swamps, which have earned the name “nature’s tin can”. Discover the secrets that they hold and which species live in this sensitive habitat in our exhibition.

Immerse yourself in the Müritzeum’s history and marvel at selected exhibits of its flora, fauna and geology from more than 150 years of the collection’s history.

Cross the glaciers of the last ice age and discover exhibits from past ages: “For only by knowing the past can one understand the present and shape the future” (August Bebel).

Special exhibition "Unter unseren Füßen"

Several times a year, the Müritzeum invites visitors to enjoy interesting special exhibitions. At the moment we’re showing macro photography of the area around “Feldberger Seenlandschaft”. Get the chance and have a look at breathtaking pictures of tiny insects, plants and mushrooms – that you could hardly see in their natural surrounding.

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Would you like to find out more about the nature of the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau? Plan your personal guided tour now.

State Collections

The State Natural History Collections have existed since the 19th century. They consist of the Botanical, Geological and Zoological Collections and the library.

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