Tree giants and treetop dwellers

Topic of this exhibition area is the variety of the living space of the forest. The visitor gets to know the beech grove, the pinewood and the alder wood, can experience the importance of the terrain, can see the fascinating living soil organism with a view through the microscope and learns something about tracking as well as experiences the dynamic of the forest in fast motion.

Foto: Mirko Runge/Müritzeum

History of the Forest

Topics of this exhibition compound are the history of the use and overuse as well as today’s strategies for the effective protection of the forest. The visitor gets to know the multi-use options of the material wood and experiences what sustainable forestry means for all of us.

Photo: Mirko Runge/Müritzeum

Night Room

In the night room the experience of going with a torch through a dark forest, to hear the animals of the night as well as to observe them is staged playfully – a room for fearing and having fun.

Foto: Mirko Runge/Müritzeum


The fascination of a tree giant and the history of use of the forest are put on example of a recreated 1000 years old oak of Ivenack to intrigue the visitors for the topic “forest”.

Bird life

View the specimens of native bird species up close and take time to listen to the many singing talents of our region.

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