The theme room "Bird Life" is divided into 3 groups:


birdThe visitors enter over a foot bridge a staged hot-air balloon and look down to the countryside (map of the region). They are surrounded by flying birds which are on the same level as they are (project by a beamer).

Concert hall

The acoustical variety of the fauna around the Müritz is arranged in a playful way in a small hall. The visitors can listen to diverse concerts in the seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter as well as understand which birds are singing. The compounds are highlighted with spots.

Bird hall

Topics of this room are the fascination of flying, the coming and going of the migratory birds, their navigation and their destinations, the variety of the bird life in the National Park and in the cultivated landscape as well as the study of the nomadic of the air through ornithologists and researchers. Theme niches around a display cabinet with flying primed birds offer various multimedia-based and original adventures.

Enjoy the fascinating forest of Müritz National Park and our interactive exhibition.

360°-Blick in den Vogelraum

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