Interactive Exhibition


whole familyThe room is roundly, 7 metres high, has a diameter of 17 metres and has many functions. It’s the starting point for our exhibition and goes into the theme rooms. At the same time the visitors can follow a photo show “the four seasons at the Müritz” which is shown on the upper level of the rotunda on 4 big screens. This photo show invites the visitors to rest and relax while they let the wonderful images sink into their minds. The room can also be used for various arrangements (ceremonies and celebrations, marketing events etc.).

Enjoy the world of birds and the fascinating forest of Müritz National Park.

Multi vision room

A multi media show provides our visitors an integrated emotional insight into the region, its history and inhabitants and the unique nature of the Forest and Lake District.

Time travel

The story from the ice age until now is reported in several time slots. At the end of the travel the visitor can take active part in creating his or her own ideas about the 21st century in the natural and cultural landscape.

Display window of the region

The touristy arrangements of the region are presented up-to-date and multimedia- based at two working places. The information invites to relax, rummage and afterwards to explore the different and interesting places of our region.


A moor stack with a diameter of 6 metres stands room high like a big core on the sub level. The visitor can enter the stack through an access. There he finds a moor cabinet with myths and sagas for making someone’s flesh creep, but also a diorama with characteristic plant and animals which are living in and at the moor.