Freshwater Aquarium area

The centre of our exhibition is a unique aquarium area, which has next to 26 big and small basins and an inimitable fluvial topography a special highlight: a 100.000 litres basin. Our freshwater aquarium area is the biggest and latest one for local freshwater fish species in Germany. More than 50 fish species can be spotted in the Müritzeum.

Standing water

The visitors are gone with a big glass cabinet with a presentation to the topic dunking waterfowls next to the stairs. All fish species of the fresh waters of the region are presented in a half round aquarium area. Outstanding object is a big aquarium with over 100.000 litres capacity. It shows a big shoal of 350 whitefishes which swim elegant in silvery light. This basin reaches over two levels and is 6m x 6m big. The plexiglass window in this basin which is the biggest produced in Europe so far, has a weight of 11 tons and a thickness of 27 cm and can only be cleaned by a diver. This highlight can be seen once a month in the Müritzeum and is an attraction especially for children.

Streaming water

An over 20 metres long aquarium fluvial topography with 7 staged basins delivers an insight into the fast set of the streaming waters which is arranged from the fount to the estuary. Our visitors get an impression of a "living” river with a simulation of typical stream and a close to nature arrangement with roots, stones and water plants.

Water tourism

Our young and old visitors can cruise themselves with controllable model boats over an imitation of the Müritz. You can learn how a lock works as there are many of them in the Mecklenburg Lakes.

Water theatre

An 8 metres wide and 3 metres high panel gives the visitors the chance to have a view into two big outside basins. The water theatre is partly outside and our visitors have a wonderful view over the lake Herrensee. The oldest inhabitant in our aquarium area is a 27 years old mirror carp which has a weight of over 20kg.