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Which animals can you hear while walking through the forest and how did our region come about? Learn about the diversity of the local nature in the various exhibition areas of the Müritzeum and experience the unique habitats on our doorstep in an interactive exhibition.

The Forum is the starting point for our exhibition and goes into the theme rooms. At the same time the visitors can follow a photo show “the four seasons at the Müritz” which is shown on the upper level of the rotunda on 4 big screens. This photo show invites the visitors to rest and relax while they let the wonderful images sink into their minds. The room can also be used for various arrangements (ceremonies and celebrations, marketing events etc.).

Who has left their tracks on the forest floor and which animals are out and about at night? Go in search of clues in the forest!


View the specimens of native bird species up close and take time to listen to the many singing talents of our region.

Foto: Peter Prast/Müritzeum

Multi vision Room

A multi media show provides our visitors an integrated emotional insight into the region, its history and inhabitants and the unique nature of the Forest and Lake District.

Foto: RK/Müritzeum

Time Travel

A Foray of the history starts in the ice age, which formed the landscape. Followed by the Stone Age and the era of the Slaves” we reach the Middle Age until we are back in our time.

Ein Blick in den Moorbereich der Ausstellung


A moor stack with a diameter of 6 metres stands room high like a big core on the sub level. The visitor can enter the stack through an access. There he finds a moor cabinet with myths and sagas for making someone’s flesh creep, but also a diorama with characteristic plant and animals which are living in and at the moor.

Photo: Müritzeum


The lake Herrensee is surrounded by a diversified park with old trees and modern art. With a bit of luck you can observe wild living water birds here. On the nature studies path around the lake you will get in contact with local woods and bushes, see big and small stones and explore a beehive.

Display window of the region

The Müritzeum is also a Welcome Centre for the Mecklenburg Lakes. Here visitors can find a lot of interesting information about the heart of Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian as well as always up-to-date offers for leisure time and holiday stays. This is important for the first outline and unforgettable holidays.

Photo: Mirko Runge/Müritzeum

Our freshwater aquarium area is the biggest and latest one for local freshwater fish species in Germany.

Visitor Information


Children museum

A visit in our nature discovery centre is a great way for children to learn more about our local nature and its formation. Cast off, engine on, captain on the rudder!



Whether day trip, guided tour or a combination of offers – just book your ticket online and take direct access to the museum without having to queue at the cash desk.

Ansicht in den Shopbereich des Foyers


We recommend visiting our shop where you can buy various souvenirs like postcards, books, candles, cosmetic article, toys, ceramics, art products and many more.

Zwei Rollstuhlfahrer stehen auf dem Vorplatz vor dem Haupteingang des Müritzeum.


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Foto: Mirko Runge/Müritzeum

Hunde erlaubt

Müritzeum mit Hund? Na klar! Alle weiteren Informationen gibt es hier zusammengefasst



Alle Angebote zu Führungen durch die Welt der Natur der Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte finden Sie hier

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